Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Launch Event

Hello, and a great thank you to all those who have come and visited us @thewell. We have now opened our doors to the big wide world for one month, and therefore feel it is about time for a bit of celebration. If you have been to @thewell before this will be a great oportunity for you to invite all your friends along, if you are new to @thewell, please come and find out just why it is that a laundrette cafe is such a winning combination. We are planning all sorts of fun and frivolity, and we'll keep you posted with the details. Just keep the 1st of september free in your diaries, we look forward to seeing you then,
the @thewell team! x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Day one

I am currently sitting on the sofa chilling out @thewell on its first day of trading, thanks for everyone who has popped down to support us friends and strangers alike, it was great to have the opportunity to test what we have done so far, and have the opportunity to work out the few tweaks we will have to make before the new week begins. we have really enjoyed today, all a little shattered, but it is thrilling when people come through the door laiden with their dirty laundry, in order to use the machines, amazing, keep it coming folks. Photos will of course follow.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I know I have kept you all somewhat in suspense over the last couple of weeks, mostly because I have been working at the shop itself. But having left you all wondering at what @thewell is looking like, you all have the opportunity to see for yourselves as we are opening tomorrow, that is the 20th August from 10.00 am- 5.00pm, and then on Saturday 10.00 am- 5.00pm for the Montpelier Summer Fayre (Picton Street's Mad Hatter's Tea Party). 

There is still a fair amount of to-dos to get through before tomorrow, so this post must be brief, but please come check out what we have done, bring your washing and come and taste some exceptional coffee!

(Here is a mostly completed menu, so you can come prepared)

Monday, 28 May 2012

getting @thewell workers through a small hole.

This was the main challenge of the day, in order to make the place properly damp proof, we cut an 'ole in the wall of what used to be the old water tank, and I watched, while the rest of the team, managed to negotiate (generally successfully), their way in and out of it.

There seamed to be a common method:

1. "hands"

2. "the two handed support"

3. " The one handed plank"

4. "the tumble and hope"


Today was a much more positive day @theWell. For a long time our team mascot has been a smurf, and until today I wasn't really sure of the reference.
This must be it...

Saturday, 26 May 2012

It's not all good news

I'm not sure whether it is wise to blog about today's drama. So far this blog has been solely devoted to good news and progress, but today was what can only be described as a bad day, and my feeling is that it is best to share our entire journey, the ups and the downs alike.
The wall along the side of our property that makes up the kitchen, the computer room and the store cupboard, backs onto bare earth and we have had some problems with damp. Today we discovered the true extent of the damp and were forced to rip out a lot of the last couple of week's work, back to the brick and start over. We undid all the tiling of the walls, the painting, the plasterboard, the kitchen fittings, the floor tiles. We learnt the lesson of what took months to assemble, takes just hours to demolish. It was really tough for the whole team, but amazingly spirits seemed to remain relatively high, I'll will keep you posted as to the reintroduction of progress as it occurs. Signing off, Lily.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

We 'av a folding 'folding table'

This was a bit of a squeeze, we think we have managed to achieve getting two very big machines and a folding table in a very small space. Well done gents!
But a bit of a squeeze is what we do best...